What is your normal work day? Do you wake up with barely enough time to get ready before you go to work? Do you sit at a desk all day, inside a cubicle? Maybe you have a window, if your lucky, that looks out onto the street.

Now imagine, if you will, waking up and seeing the gorgeous view of a beach right outside your window. Or maybe some mountains, if that’s more your style. For people who are living the “laptop lifestyle,” this is very much a reality for them. This type of lifestyle may not be for everyone, it’s not like working a 9 to 5. But for those that can overcome that hurdle, the pros far outweigh the cons.

For those that have put in the work to create a source of income through the internet, they are not tied to one location. They can literally go anywhere, as long as they can get a decent internet connection. This means they can work AND have fun. That means they can stay in areas with breathtaking views, sample the finest cuisine that a region has to offer, and learn about the culture and history. They can experience the world, all while still working and making a living.

The drawback to this sort of lifestyle is that it can be hard for people to find the happy medium between work and play. Deadlines still need to be met, so it takes a person that can truly be there own boss and make sure that the work gets done. The other thing to consider is the fact that unless you have clients that pay you a monthly retainer, you won’t necessarily be getting the steady paycheck that you would from a normal job. That means that you need to make sure that you have enough money coming in to not only pay for your travels, but any other bills you might have.

The laptop lifestyle isn’t an easy one by any means. It is still work, and it’s tricky to find the happy medium. But for those that have the willpower and the wherewithal to succeed, this type of life is truly rewarding and gratifying.

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